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Assembly method of assembly type mechanical seal
- Feb 02, 2018 -

(1) gland and bellows assembly

Gland and bellows with 6 - 12 bolts connected between the gasket to prevent media leakage.

(2) hard ring positioning

First, fix the fixed ring on the counterbore of the sleeve, then place the gland and bellows assembly so that the Grundfos mechanical seal will be placed on the fixed ring with hard ring, wedge ring and rotating seat ring Rotate the seat ring position, a little tight screw fastening ring, spin ring and hard ring with a screw connection, remove the fixed ring, gland, bellows assembly.

(3) Face alignment

Rotary seat ring and hard ring connected to the sleeve, the mechanical seal must be imported to maintain the verticality of the end face. Generally ensure that the end runout is less than 0.05mm. Tighten the screws on the mounting seat, rotate the dial indicator, and then tighten the screws connecting the rotating seat ring with the hard cartridge mechanical seal ring. To ensure the verticality of the end face.

(4) the amount of compression adjustment

Container bellows mechanical seal compression is reflected in the thickness of the positioning block. However, some special users to different compression, can be adjusted as follows:

45,55 series seals, in determining the hard ring position on the gland on the water retaining plate on the positioning block (positioning fork) with the outer sleeve of the sleeve along the ring, the rotating seat ring and the hard ring in the graphite Ring, fixed on the sleeve. Into the positioning plate after the amount of compression is the amount of design compression, fork plate thickness. Changing the amount of compression moves the hard ring back and forth on the sleeve and the amount of change is the amount of compression that changes.

60,70,85,90,120 series of seals, hard ring position is grate waterproof aluminum plate attached to the fixed ring position, the amount of compression is the thickness of the positioning block. If you change the amount of compression hard ring can be moved back and forth on the sleeve, the amount of change is the amount of compression, forward compression increases, the amount of backward compression decreases.