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Common seal form and sealing method
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Sealing method

1. minimize the location of the sealed parts

2. blockage and isolation

3. elicitation or injection

4. increase the leakage resistance of mechanical seal

5. add work components in the channel

Combination of more than 6. sealing methods

Common seal form

Sealing of gasket, packing seal, mechanical seal, non-contact seal and injection type sealing with pressure and pressure are common seal forms. The packing seal should be the most common. It also contains mechanical seals including soft packing seal, hard packing seal and forming packing seal. The forming packing seal includes our common O ring, Y ring, oil seal and so on. Non-contact seals include clearance seals, labyrinth seals, floating seals, dynamic seals, magnetic fluid seals and fully enclosed seals.