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Effect of mechanical seal
- Feb 02, 2018 -

(1) improve the power of the machine and reduce the energy consumption.

1) reduce the internal leakage, leakage and leakage of the machine, and improve the power of the machine.

2) reduce the loss of conflict and improve the mechanical power of machine mechanically sealed production. For example, the double seal is changed into single seal, unbalanced to balanced, double support reduction closed bottom pump double mechanical seal closed end (so-called beheaded pump) cut seal can cut the loss of conflict, the progress of mechanical power.

3) change the sealing method to improve the power of the mechanical shaft seal of the machine or unit. For example, the shielding pump is converted to a mechanical seal pump to improve the power of the motor, and the magnetic drive pump is selected to improve the power of the machine.

4) change the auxiliary system, reduce energy consumption, improve the power of the unit. For example, the hot oil pump is changed from the self brush to the small blade round scour, and the double end seal is changed to the single end seal to save the energy consumption of the sealing oil auxiliary system.

(2) save raw materials. For example, technical fluid recovery, reduction or elimination of power steam and technical fluid loss, reducing the loss of oil sealing and so on.

(3) improve the reliability of the machine. For example, the reliability of seal leakage and seal machine and decided to go.

(4) security and environmental protection. On the basis of the survey report of a factory in Japan, 786 incidents in 332 were leaked form (42%). In addition, technology of fluid leakage but also the formation of environmental pollution, including air pollution, water pollution and environmental pollution workshop.

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