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How to choose and use seals
- Feb 02, 2018 -

In the purchase and use of seals, the user should always pay attention to the following requirements, to avoid unnecessary quality problems:

1. Production After a rigorous selection and long-term accumulation of experience, we have produced a series of mechanical seal series of supply channels, our supply is the seal industry's most comprehensive, so in terms of production quality, can be very good Check, to maintain a stable high quality level. Coupled with our insistence on the quality of seals, will not blindly pursue high profits at the expense of customers on the quality requirements of the seal.

2. Storage If we stand in the customer's position to produce seals, we must be mechanical seals. Pay attention to whether the supplier or the seal store know how to take care of the seal. If the supplier mishandles it, it may be scrapped Because the storage of seals, there is a set of specific requirements, for example, the best storage room temperature below 30 degrees Celsius, to avoid the seals have high temperature aging; seals must be stored in airtight packaging to avoid and the water in the air Or dust contact; seal must be shielded from strong light to prevent the seal is ozone erosion or premature aging in the air, so we recommend that customers choose the supplier procurement, we must see whether the seal is stored properly, regardless of seal production The factory can provide high-quality seals, delivered to the customer may also be scrapped seals.

3.Design In the use of high-quality seals at the same time, many customers in order to reduce costs, in the guide and dust-proof part of the lower-level products, resulting in the cylinder swing or foreign debris damage Lever Leakage asked , Please consult us about the product to avoid wasting high-quality seals.

4. Installation The most important thing when installing a seal is to avoid damage to the seal, in addition to a suitable finish, a safe chamfer, a deburring, and the right tools to prevent dust from drifting around the seal during installation Surface, how to properly place a piston seal, such as to prevent crushing seals, clean hydraulic media, etc. If you have any questions about this, we provide clear and easy installation instructions for our seal manufacturer.

5. When using a lot of supporting users After the completion of the process, even if the device has passed the test, there will be problems after using the device for a period of time, which may be caused by improper use, for example, the oil temperature is too high to cause a seal Pieces burned, you can check the cooling system is operating normally, the rod surface wear and leakage, can check whether the hydraulic oil debris, filter failure. As can be seen from the above, even if the user is willing to pay a higher price to buy high-quality seals, but also in all aspects of control and monitoring in order to ensure that the investment will not be in vain, choose a professional manufacturer, the establishment of long-term partners, is Very necessary.