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Mechanical seal failure (1)
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Mechanical seal failure (1)

The slip of the mechanical seal rotating device. Some rotating seats have a top wire fixed on the bushing. This type of transmission can be used at normal temperature. Under the action of temperature and centrifugal force of the hot oil pump, the top wire slips and the transmission fails.

The static ring does not touch the moving ring, which is a mistake in the installation of the mechanical seal. When the inlaid moving ring is used, the tungsten carbide ring is loose.

The wear marks of the end faces of the friction pair are larger than the widths of the two seal faces of the friction pair composed of the width of the soft ring. In general, the hard seal surface is wider and the soft surface is narrower. After the mechanical seal is operated for a period of time, it is hard. There are clear rubbing marks on the sealing surface, and the cause of the mechanical seal failure can be judged according to the width of the trace.