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PVC pipe fittings common sense
- May 25, 2018 -

    For home decoration is an indispensable step, then when using water and electricity, it is indispensable to use pipes. Home improvement will generally use PVC pipe, the following small series to introduce the next simple PVC pipe and fittings connection and usage.

    PVC pipe fittings:

    1. when the PVC pipe fitting is connected with the steel pipe, it is necessary to first wipe the glue at the joint of the steel pipe, soften the PVC pipe and do not scorch after heating, and then socket the steel pipe to do cooling treatment.
    2. It is forbidden to get water when bonding. The PVC pipe must be laid flat in the ditch. The joints must be filled back after 24 hours. The pipes should be tightly packed around the joints and the joints should be backfilled in large quantities.

    3. After the glass fiber cloth is impregnated with the glass fiber curing agent, the resin solution is evenly wrapped around the pipe to seep out and then solidify to form glass fiber reinforced plastic.

    4. The set-bonding method is mainly aimed at the leakage of the small holes and joints of the pipeline. A uniform-diameter pipe is used to cut it longitudinally, and then the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe are roughened, and the glue is tightly adhered at the leaking place.