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What are the types of floating ball valves?
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Plastic floating ball valve

The plastic floating ball valve has the function of automatic opening and closing the pipeline to control the water level. It is made of high quality copper material. It has the advantages of small volume, easy installation, high sensitivity, low head loss and no water hammer. It can greatly improve the utilization ratio of water tower.

Hole type ball valve

Hole type ball valve with automatic opening and closing of the pipeline, to control the water level function. For the new tower (pool), due to the size of the float is greatly reduced, and the water tower (pool), the upper part of the floating ball float should be left to the required height would decrease, reducing the cost of the tower (pool), it overcomes the old-fashioned lever ball float valve of large volume, easy damage, unreliable work and a lot of shigemi shortcomings. It is your ideal water tower (pool) automatic control of the latest water level valve, for the existing water tower (pool) need to replace the old floating ball valve is more suitable for upgrading products.

Stainless steel floating ball valve

The function of stainless steel floating ball valve and plastic floating ball valve is almost the same, but the price of stainless steel floating ball valve is much higher than that of plastic floating ball valve. The former 12~75 yuan is different, the latter is 1 yuan, which should be related to their service life. Hole type ball valve and its price advantage is proportional to the most expensive up to 800 yuan, the most expensive to 35 yuan.