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What is the working principle of the float ?
- Mar 28, 2018 -

      Float system (usually with corresponding auxiliary equipment) is produced according to the buoyancy of the liquid. When the liquid level rises, the float system also rises accordingly. Likewise, when the liquid level drops, it also decreases accordingly, when it rises or falls to When setting the position, the float system will encounter the position switch (or other microelectronic device) in the set position, so that the position switch sends out an electric signal, and the electronic control apparatus will immediately act when receiving the electric signal. Cut off or turn on the power to form an automatic control system.

       Basically, they are all reed switch structures. On the outside, there is a movable float that has magnets inside. When the magnet is in proximity to the reed switch by buoyancy, the contacts in the reed switch are turned on or off. The principle of the reed switch is to repel the magnetic pole and attract the magnetic pole. The switching mechanism of the reed switch in the liquid level switch controls the corresponding operating mechanism to form a complete set of circuits.

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