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Burgmann pump mechanical seal MG1

Burgmann pump mechanical seal MG1

Equivalent to Bergmann MG1,MG12,MG13,MG1S20 mechanical seal Rubber bellows design.Usually for industrial pump, blower pump, diving pump,circulating pump mechanical seal ,replace the mechanical of Burgmann and John Crane mechanical seal

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Burgmann pump mechanical seal MG1

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     Mechanical seals are one of the basic mechanical components with precise and complicated structure. They are the key components of various pumps, reaction synthesis kettles, turbine compressors, submersible motors and other equipment.

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The composition of the mechanical seal:

There are mainly four types of components. a. Main seals: moving ring and static ring. b. Auxiliary seal: seal ring. c. Pressing parts: spring, push ring. d. Transmission parts: magazine holder and key or fixing screw


Burgmann pump mechanical seal MG1










** ISO9001
** CQC
** SGS



Seal size d(mm)D3D6D7LL1L2L3L4
2037.0 293521.5 30.0 37.5 25.0 7.5 
2237.0 313721.5 30.0 37.5 25.0 7.5 
2442.5 333922.5 32.5 42.5 25.0 7.5 
2542.5 344023.0 32.5 42.5 25.0 7.5 
2849.0 374326.5 35.0 42.5 33.0 7.5 
3049.0 394526.5 35.0 42.5 33.0 7.5 


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Common form of seal

Gasket seals, packing seals, mechanical seals, non-contact seals, and injection-type pressure plugging are common forms of sealing. Packing seals are considered to be the most common, and include soft packing seals, hard packing seals, and molded packing seals. Forming packing seals include our common O-rings, Y-rings, oil seals, and more. Non-contact seals include gap seals, labyrinth seals, floating seals, dynamic seals, magnetic fluid seals, and fully enclosed seals.

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