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Pump mechanical seal MG12

Pump mechanical seal MG12

Mechanical seal --type MG12 this type widely used for Hecker HN 410KU and other kinds of pumps. we usually have 4 types of stationary seat for customer's choice,G4,G6,G60 and G9.And Can be replace Aesseal B012 ,Flowserve 192 .BurgmannMG12

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Pump mechanical seal MG12 

----- Video:

----- Liquid sealing

      With the rapid development of the polymer organic synthesis industry, liquid sealants have emerged for static sealing; this new technology is often called liquid sealing. The principle of liquid sealing is to utilize the adhesion, fluidity and monomolecular film effect of the liquid sealant (the thinner the film tends to recover naturally), and it acts like a gasket under appropriate pressure. Therefore, the sealant used is also called a liquid gasket.

----- Product:

Pressure: ≤1.2MPaTemperature: -20ºC~+120ºC
Rotary Ring: Carbon/Sic/TcSecondary Seal: NBR/EPDM/Viton
Speed: ≤10m/SStandard: Standard
Stationary Ring: Ceramic/Sic/TcSpring & Other Parts: SUS304/SUS316


----- Technical Data: 

SL  MG12
Seal size d(mm)D3D6D7LL1L2L3L4
1022.5 172114.5 25.9 33.4 25.0 6.6 
1225.0 192315.0 25.9 33.4 25.0 6.6 
1428.5 212517.0 28.4 33.4 25.0 6.6 
1528.5 --17.0 28.4 33.4 25.0 -
1628.5 232717.0 28.4 33.4 25.0 6.6 
1832.0 273319.5 30.0 37.5 25.0 7.5 
1937.0 --21.5 30.0 37.5 25.0 -
2037.0 293521.5 30.0 37.5 25.0 7.5 

this type  widely used for Hecker HN 410KU and other kinds of pumps. we usually have 4 types of stationary seat for customer's choice,G4,G6,G60 and G9..

The normal material combination include CA/CE/NBR/SUS304 , SIC/SIC/Viton /SUS304/SUS316

This product is equipped with perennial Division I accessories, with short delivery, good prices, high quality advantages


----- Common gasket performance

When using a valve, the original gasket is often replaced as the case may be. Commonly available gaskets include: rubber flat washers, rubber O-rings, plastic flat washers, Teflon gaskets, asbestos rubber washers, metal flat washers, metal profile washers, metal sheathed washers, wave washers, wrap washers, etc.

----- Our Factory :


Expert in making customized Mechanical Seal.

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