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Needle valve type :J19H-160 DN6 Pressure Gauge Three-way Valve

Needle valve type :J19H-160 DN6 Pressure Gauge Three-way Valve

1、Design & Manufacture GB/T 12224-1989 JB/T 7747-1995 2、Type of Connection Butt-welding type pipe joint; Female Connection 3、Features of Structure: Conical Sealing; Float Valve Clack 4、Inspection and Testing of Valves GB/T 13927 -1992 5、Materials: Carbon Steel: GB/T 12228-1989 Stainless...

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J19H-160 DN6 Pressure Gauge Three-way Valve

Design & ManufactureGB/T  12224-1989
JB/T  7747-1995
Type of ConnectionButt-welding type pipe joint; Female Connection
Features of Structure:Conical Sealing; Float Valve Clack
Inspection and Testing of Valves GB/T 13927-1992
MaterialsCarbon Steel: GB/T  12228-1989
Stainless Steel:GB/T  1220-1989



ModelValve BodyJointValve RodNutStuffing


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