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Advantages Of PVC Pipe Fittings
- Feb 02, 2018 -

The PVC pipe has the following advantages:

1) light weight: because of the light weight, it can greatly reduce the transportation cost and the construction strength of the installation.

2) does not affect the water quality (health, non-toxic): the material is made up of two kinds of carbon and hydrogen components, and no f stabilizer can be added. The hygienic property of the material has been checked by the state authorities, and it is the best pipe for the current water piping.

3) good maturing performance: when the working water temperature is 70 degrees, the softening temperature is 140 degrees.

4) strong transverse strength (Gao Kangchong): water pressure strength, resistance to external pressure strength, impact strength and so on are very good, suitable for various conditions.

5) the service life is long: the service life of pipes is more than 50 years at the rated service temperature and pressure. It has UV protection and radiation protection, so that the product will never fade.

6) good corrosion resistance: except a hydrogenating agent, can withstand a variety of chemical erosion medium, has excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, no corrosion, no bacteria, no electrochemical corrosion, use in chemical industry are very suitable for.