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Huawei 5G Is Coming Soon
- Jan 09, 2019 -

Huawei's 5G equipment has recently been "resisted" by many countries, but Spain's two telecom operators Vodafone and Orange are promoting cooperation with Huawei or another mainland communications equipment manufacturer, ZTE, and have submitted a 5G subsidy application to the Spanish telecommunications agency

Vodafone submitted three 5G pilot projects to, and Vodafone's partnership with Huawei is planned to be launched in Pamplona and nearby rural areas. The group will also work with Huawei to conduct pilot projects in Malaga and Seville and surrounding rural areas.

Orange also submitted three 5G pilot projects. According to the report, the operator will use Huawei's network equipment in the Málaga and Seville pilot projects and use ZTE equipment in the Valencian Community (Valencia).

Vodafone and Orange started working with Huawei very early. On February 21, 2018, Spain's "National News" reported that Vodafone and Huawei completed the world's first 5G call on the eve of the World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC), a milestone. During the middle of the year, Orange and Huawei successfully completed the commercial deployment of several transmission networks in Spain. By August, Vodafone announced that it has teamed up with Huawei to install more than 30 5G antennas in six cities in Spain.