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Stainless Steel Float Structure Principle
- Feb 02, 2018 -

The working principle of stainless steel float is direct and simple. Usually sealed non-magnetic metal or plastic tube according to the need to set the point or more reed switch, then the hollow and the inner ring has a permanent magnet floating ball fixed in the rod diameter of the reed switch-related position, the float in the Floating within a certain range, the use of magnetic float within the magnet to attract the closure of the reed switch, resulting in switching action to control the level. Normally open and normally closed state is not injected into the liquid. 

Connecting rod float level switch is widely used in electronic, chemical, water treatment and other industries of liquid level control and alarm. Connecting rod float level switch for the custom products, to facilitate the correct selection of custom orders, please inform the junction box specifications, the follow-up specifications, material characteristics, specifications and related float components, body length, mode of action That is, normally open or normally closed type; at the same time to be informed of the measured liquid temperature, pressure, gravity, acid and other properties, in order to select the appropriate size float.