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Valve Sealing Performance
- Feb 02, 2018 -

The sealing performance of the valve is the ability to prevent the leakage of the medium from the sealing parts of the valve. It is the most important technical performance index of the valve. There are three sealing parts of the valve: the contact part between the mechanical seal and the two sealing cover of the valve seat, the matching place between the filler and the valve stem and stuffing box, and the connection between the valve body and the valve cover. The leakage of the former part of the mechanical seal of the kettle is called the inner leakage, which is usually said to be not strictly closed, which will affect the ability of the valve to cut off the medium.

For the type of truncation valve, the internal leakage is not allowed. The latter two leaks are called leakage, that is, the medium leaks from the valve to the outside of the valve. Leakage will cause material loss, pollution of the environment, and in serious cases will cause accidents. For flammable, explosive, poisonous or radiative media, the leakage is not allowed, so the valve must have reliable sealing performance.