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About company:

Business Type: Manufacturer & Wholesaler&Exporting
Main Products:mechanical seal /float ball /pvc pipe fitting / 

Payment: TT ( 30% deposit, 70% against B/L copy)  
Industrial area.
Main Markets: 30%Middle East,, 20%Europe, 30%South America,20%Aferica


1 How long does it take to produce PVC pipe fittings?

A: For general PVC pipe fittings, we have a minimum order quantity. The minimum set-up quantity is generally 10-20 days, but it is similar to a 90-degree elbow/three-way tee/reducing tee/pipe plug, etc. If there is Inventory, generally 2-3 days, if not, 10 days can be completed


2 What is the production process of PVC pipe fittings?

A: Raw material + additive preparation → mixing → feeding and feeding → forced feeding → conical twin screw extruder → extrusion die → sizing sleeve → spray vacuum shaping box → soaking cooling water tank → ink printing machine → crawler traction Machine→lift knife cutting machine→pipe stacking rack→finished product inspection and packaging.


3 What are the advantages of using PVC pipe fittings?

A: 1 has good tensile/compressive strength, but flexibility is not very good

     2 The resistance of the fluid is small because the inner wall of the PVC pipe is very smooth and the resistance to the fluid is very small

     3 Corrosion resistance / chemical resistance, do not need to do any anti-corrosion treatment

     4 has good water tightness,

     5 can prevent animal bites


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