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Float Switch Product Categories
- Jan 19, 2019 -

Product Categories

Plastics All PP materials are non-toxic, food grade, foods suitable for water media, home appliances, etc.

PP+NBR float ball can withstand higher temperature and low specific gravity, suitable for oil medium

PVDF is temperature resistant to 120 degrees, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and compact and durable

Teflon products have long life, good reliability, high pressure resistance and wide application range. It is used in most oils and has good stability in water.

Stainless steel All stainless steel Long service life, high temperature resistance, used in water and oil and weak acid and alkali environment

All stainless steel (high temperature resistant) Temperature resistance up to 200 degrees, suitable for oil high temperature environment

Stainless steel + PP float ball is non-toxic, food grade, suitable for water-based media products with specific length

Stainless steel + NBR floats High temperature resistance, low specific gravity, suitable for oil-based media products with specific length

Selection instructions: Please select the floats of various specifications listed in the above table according to the temperature, pressure, specific gravity, acid and alkali resistance of the tested object.

1. Temperature: The maximum temperature of PVDF is 120 °C, the highest PP is 80 °C, and the highest SUS304/316 is 200 °C.

2. Pressure: The plastic ball float pressure is up to 5kg/cm2, and the SUS float ball pressure is up to 30kg/cm2.

3. Adhesion: The ball with a large ball and a small specific gravity should be used to overcome the surface tension of the liquid.

4, chemical: plastic material is suitable for acid and alkali places, PVDF should be used if temperature considerations.

5, oil: should use metal material.

6. Specific gravity: The weight of the float SG must be less than the liquid to be tested, otherwise the float will not float.

7, voltage: 220VAC / 200VDC, current: 0.7A