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Steel prices at the bottom of a clear line of steel prices in September or slightly up Sunday, 18 December 2016
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Steel market rebound nearly three weeks. In the process of rapid ascribed, some traders mentality differences, the domestic steel prices generally finished higher last week. However, the bottom of the price to continue to lift the situation clear. The market generally believe that the first-tier steel mills in September price policy will steadily increase. The latest monitoring data show that last week, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou regional steel prices are rising trend. Due to the early high ascribed to the steel prices to the industry there are some differences, resulting in steel prices in the latter part of the adjustment. Some traders believe that the fundamentals demand is not enough to support the continued rise in steel prices, so there part of speculative bargain-hunting sales. From the demand structure, the terminal stocking demand and the middle of the hand trade at the same time sharp drop, which also shows that the previous surge in turnover is the cost of post-overdraft demand, so the recent emergence of repeated demand, price shocks. However, the three weekly gains are still 70-130 yuan / ton range, indicating that the trend of the bottom uplift is clear.

Last week, the domestic steel mills continue to follow the market homeopathic price increases. Data show that last week five working days a total of 89 batches of steel mills raised the ex-factory price, and the middle of this month, Baosteel and other first-tier steel mills will soon introduce the September price policy, the market is expected to stabilize the main tone is the main tone. Analysis that in late July is the bargain-hunting demand to establish the bottom of the price, at the beginning of August is likely to be higher prices to promote steel prices.