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The price for the steel 201/304/316 still up
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Recently, the stainless steel market is a bit "not warm", and the price trend is basically the same. The merchants see a poor transaction, and the trend is to make a profit of 100 yuan / ton. The next day, the nickel will close slightly, then it will rise back to 100 yuan / Tons, so the daily morning market inquiry, the price is so strong "stable"! Recently, many steel mills have successively reported that there are repairs, equipment failures, production suspensions, and production cuts. The overall inventory of the market is being consumed. Market players are shouting “out of stock”, but the four-foot thick material is the most obvious. The price is high. The four-foot supply is tight, and the five-footer is under-supply, and it continues to shout. Nickel boosted the market, and the transaction limited the price increase. It is expected that the price of 304 stainless steel will stabilize in the near future.


Recently, the cold rolling market in 201 is very prosperous. From May, the market price has been continuously rising. In April, everyone felt that it would fall below 8000, but the price of the peak circuit has started to rise. Cost upside down, overhaul, scrap price increase, environmental protection and other good news superimposed, recently 201 performance is very strong, Chengde, Dingxin, Huale overhaul, production suspension also played a role in boosting the market. The cold rolling of 201 cold rolling has been very strong recently, but a small correction is also normal.


In terms of average price comparison, the 430 cold rolling market continued to regress, but the opposite is true. This week, the 430 market has been stable all the time, the spot price has been stepping on 8600 yuan / ton, but the steel mills began to make up the fallback, but now it is still higher than the spot price reported at 8,700 yuan / ton. 430 reversed the situation, the market turned from stable to stable, and related to some good news.