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Type and standard of seals
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Type and standard of seals

About conventional products: Refers to the sealing products used in common hydraulic machinery equipment, and the product series, inventory and supply series have been widely used in hydraulic systems and markets, and the products have been systematically included in the catalogue.

About professional products: refers to the sealing products used in professional machinery to meet certain special purposes of hydraulic systems, such as buffer ring on construction machinery, high pressure sealing ring; special seals on high-altitude and safe working machinery; high temperature Mechanical high temperature seals and cold resistant seals on low temperature machinery; high pressure oil seals on high pressure rotary machines, etc., which are not included in this catalog.

About ordinary machinery: The general machinery referred to here is a hydraulic mechanical device used in general pressure, speed, temperature grade, etc. It does not have very special requirements for system safety, work tasks and operating characteristics, so it is used. The sealing products will not impose excessive performance requirements, such as ordinary hydraulic presses, general machine tools, forklifts, plastic machines and light industrial machinery.

About professional machinery: The professional machinery referred to here is a professional hydraulic mechanical equipment applied in special pressure, speed, temperature grade and special occasions. It has certain specializations for system safety, work tasks, operation characteristics and environmental conditions. Requirements, so that it can effectively complete the specified special tasks, so this type of machine has certain special performance requirements for the sealing products used (such as special reliability, pressure resistance, speed performance, temperature performance, durability). Performance and safety, etc., such machinery as aerial work machinery, cranes, coal mining machinery, steel machinery, port machinery and some maintenance equipment.

About repair products: It is a hydraulic seal that needs to be replaced when there is a hydraulic system failure in the mechanical equipment being used, or when the hydraulic equipment needs to be modified, re-select the seal for the appropriate application. The supply characteristics of such products require timely, accurate, effective and reliable.

About supporting products: When processing and producing hydraulic systems and hydraulic cylinders in the factory, it is necessary to demonstrate the technology, performance, quality, standards, cost and delivery cycle of the selected products, so that the hydraulic equipment can meet the advanced technology, reliable performance and cost. Reasonable, timely delivery, and convenient after-sales service. This is a very strict system engineering. For many years, our company has been working with industrial enterprises to complete one after another sealing system supporting business.

About the machine repair kit: When repairing a certain component or unit of the hydraulic system of the mechanical equipment, the sealed combination parts need to be replaced, so that the mechanical system returns to the normal state after the seal is replaced and repaired. The seal assembly is called a machine repair kit. The seals in the machine repair kit must fully meet the technical and performance requirements of the original accessories in order to put the repaired machine into normal use.