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What is a float and float switch
- Mar 28, 2018 -

     The float ball is a sphere made of 304 or 316L material, such as circular or elliptical or long strip, which acts as a switch on a liquid such as water. It is mainly a Qi control function, which passes a liquid and another liquid through it. The float moves up and down to separate.

      Float switch is a kind of liquid level control device with simple structure and easy to use. It does not need to provide power supply, no complicated circuit, and it has the advantages of smaller size, longer working life, etc. than general mechanical switches. If the material is selected correctly, any kind of liquid or pressure and temperature can be used. It is available in the shipbuilding industry, generator equipment, petrochemical industry, food industry, water treatment equipment, dyeing and finishing industry, and hydraulic machinery. A wide range of applications.