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Mechanical seal 7D

Mechanical seal 7D

Component Seal Z1 Speeds:≤13m/sec Temperature:-20℃~+150℃ Pressure:0~1.0Mpa Applications:Used in clean water pumps,sewage pumps,submersible pumps and chemical pumps,which apply to oil,wate and weak corrosive solutions

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Mechanical  seal 7D


        Mechanical seal refers to the prevention of fluid leakage caused by at least one pair of end faces perpendicular to the rotation axis under the action of the fluid pressure and the compensating mechanism elastic force (or magnetic force) and the auxiliary seal. Device.



SL7D-101021.00 17.0 19.00 15.00 7.00 
SL7D-161627.00 23.0 26.00 223.00 7.00 
SL7D-181833.00 27.0 29.00 24.00 10.00 


密封件工厂组图2 (2).jpg

Component confirmation

When installing the mechanical seal on the machine, it should be well compared with the general assembly drawing before installation to confirm whether the parts are ready. In this case, pay attention to the abnormal phenomenon such as sealing and rubbing the sealing surface and sealing ring. Also, pay attention to the shaft or sleeve surface, flange and other parts that are in contact with the packing, sealing ring (O-ring), etc., if there is any abnormality, it must be replaced or repaired before use.

When actually installing, do not bring more than necessary parts to the site. If the parts are left after installation, there will be missing parts during installation. If the parts are insufficient, it means unnecessary parts are assembled. The parts are on, which also plays a role in self-test during installation.


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