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Mechanical seal Z3

Mechanical seal Z3

Component Seal Z1 Speeds:≤13m/sec Temperature:-20℃~+150℃ Pressure:0~1.0Mpa Applications:Used in clean water pumps,sewage pumps,submersible pumps and chemical pumps,which apply to oil,wate and weak corrosive solutions

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Mechanical  seal Z3


        Shaft seals for mechanical seals are stuffing boxes designed for soft packing seals. It is not suitable for holding mechanical seals, not only is the size too small, the gap is too narrow, and the simple cylindrical shape is also inappropriate.

Standards for over-sized mechanical seal shaft sealing have been developed abroad. In addition, the United States _ Dura Mittelek and the British Fluid Mechanics Research Group are studying the rational mechanical seal shaft sealing, the shape should not only facilitate the flow of fluid and heat dissipation, but also help to remove solid particles, giving The seal creates a good environment.

Speeds                                       ≤15m/s


SL  Z3
Seal size d(mm)D3D6D7d1L1L11L4L9
10191721315.5 15.5 10.0 17.5 
12211923316.0 15.5 10.0 17.5 
14232125316.5 15.5 10.0 17.5 
16262327318.0 17.5 10.0 17.5 
50666270445.0 43.0 15.0 23.0 
8010095105461.8 58.0 18.2 26.2 

Factory Photo:

密封件工厂组图2 (2).jpg

(1) It is not necessary to measure the working length of the seal during installation;

(2) The axis can be adjusted at any time;

(3) There will be no leakage at startup because the seal has been tested in advance;

(4) It is only necessary to set the tight sealing cap bolts during installation, and the assembly quality is easy to guarantee;

(5) Protect the sealing surface from contamination by debris or damage due to operational errors before installation or start-up;

(6) The equipment can be re-adjusted after thermal expansion;

(7) Use the cooperation to customize the center;

(8) It is easy to remove the seal for cleaning and inspection without disassembling the pump equipment. All mechanical seals are recommended in the API682 standard for cartridge mechanical seals.


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