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John Crane 58B mechanical seal

John Crane 58B mechanical seal

Mechanical seal -type 59B This product is equipped with perennial Division I accessories, with short delivery, good prices, high quality advantages our Mechanical seal model 58B and 59B can replace AESSEAL M04S,BURGMANN BT-C5.KB,CRANE 58B and MTU DR3-HS,which is widely used for industrial pumps

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John Crane 58B mechanical seal 

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----- Introduction:

     The seal is a material or a part that prevents fluid or solid particles from leaking from adjacent joint faces and prevents intrusion of external impurities such as dust and moisture into parts inside the machine. Its sealing performance and service life depend on many factors, such as selection, machine accuracy, proper installation and use.

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The composition of the mechanical seal:

There are mainly four types of components. a. Main seals: moving ring and static ring. b. Auxiliary seal: seal ring. c. Pressing parts: spring, push ring. d. Transmission parts: magazine holder and key or fixing screw


SL  59B
Seal size d(mm)D2D3D4LL2L3d6D7
2024384045.0 2031.5 2935
2226404245.0 2031.5 3137
2428424447.5 2034.2 3339
2530444647.5 2037.5 3440
2833474950.0 2038.0 3743
3035495150.0 2038.0 3945
3238545850.0 2038.0 4248
3338545850.0 2038.0 4248
3540566050.0 2038.0 4450
3843596352.5 2339.5 4956
4045616552.5 2339.5 5158

Notes: The range of preesure, temperature and sliding velocity is depend on seals combination materials.

-----Recommended Applications

◆ Water and waste water technology
◆ Petroleum chemical industry
◆ Industrial pumps
◆ Slurry pumps
◆ Process pumps
◆ Other Rotating Equipment


Although the rubber-plastic seal is small, its role has made it a basic component and accessory in the national economy, such as national defense, chemical, petroleum, coal, transportation and machinery manufacturing. It plays a very important role in the development of the national economy.

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