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Mechanical Seal 891

Mechanical Seal 891

Mechanical seal -type 891 , Applicatons:Clean water,sewage water,oil and other moderately corrosive fluids.

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Mechanical Seal 891


       Mechanical seals, also known as end seals, are defined in the relevant national standards: "The at least one pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation are held together by the action of the fluid pressure and the compensating mechanism's spring force (or magnetic force) and the auxiliary seal. a device that prevents fluid leakage by sliding relative to each other."


Applicatons:Clean water,sewage water,oil and other moderately corrosive fluids.


SL 891
ModeldD5D6D3L3Mize/ MetricdD5D6D3
SL891-585870.864.873.0 44.4 2.875 73.0 88.479.988.9
SL891-606073.567.576.2 44.4 3.000 76.2 90.483.996.8
SL891-636376.570.579.4 44.4 3.125 79.3 94.287.7100
SL891-656579.573.582.6 44.4 3.250 82.5 97.390.3103.2


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