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MG13 Burgmann pump seal

MG13 Burgmann pump seal

Mechanical seal -type -MG13 This product is equipped with perennial Division I accessories, with short delivery, good prices, high quality advantages This type can be replace AESSEAL B013, BURGMANN MG13 FLOWSERVE 193 and MTU FG3,which is widely used for Hecker HN 41ONU and other kinds of pumps.

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MG13 Burgmann pump  seal

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----- The basic concept of mechanical seal:

Mechanical seal refers to a device for preventing fluid leakage caused by at least one pair of end faces perpendicular to the rotation axis under the action of fluid pressure and compensating mechanism elastic force (or magnetic force) and the cooperation of the auxiliary seals. The auxiliary seal of the compensation ring is a metal bellows called a bellows mechanical seal.

----- The composition of the mechanical seal:

There are mainly four types of components. a. Main seals: moving ring and static ring. b. Auxiliary seal: seal ring. c. Pressing parts: spring, push ring. d. Transmission parts: magazine holder and key or fixing screw

----- Product:

Pressure: Medium Pressure Mechanical SealsTemperature: Temperature Mechanical Seal
Stationary: Sic/Tc Metal Parts: SUS304/SUS316
Type: MG13Rotary: Carbon/Sic/Tc
Secondary: Viton Specification: 20-45mm


SL  MG13
Seal size d(mm)D3D6D7LL1L2L3L4
3049.0 394526.5 35.0 42.5 33.0 7.5 
3253.5 424827.5 35.0 47.5 33.0 7.5 
3353.5 424827.5 35.0 47.5 33.0 7.5 
3557.0 445028.5 35.0 47.5 33.0 7.5 
3859.0 495630.0 35.0 46.0 33.0 9.0 

This product is equipped with perennial Division I accessories, with short delivery, good prices, high quality advantages

This type can be replace AESSEAL B013, BURGMANN MG13 FLOWSERVE 193 and MTU FG3,which is  widely used for Hecker HN 41ONU and other kinds of pumps.

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------ Liquid Seal: 

       With the rapid development of the polymer organic synthesis industry, liquid sealants have emerged for static sealing; this new technology is often called liquid sealing. The principle of liquid sealing is to utilize the adhesion, fluidity and monomolecular film effect of the liquid sealant (the thinner the film tends to recover naturally), and it acts like a gasket under appropriate pressure. Therefore, the sealant used is also called a liquid gasket.

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