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Burgmann Pump Parts Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seals MG9

Burgmann Pump Parts Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seals MG9

Mechanical seal -MG9 repalce the Burgmann and John crance .Applicatons:Clean water,sewage water,oil and other moderately corrosive fluids.

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Product Details

Mechanical seal MG9


Temperature-20℃ to +120℃ 

Applicatons:Clean water,sewage water,oil and other moderately corrosive fluids.


SLMG9-80809510584114.30 101.5 99.0 60.0 9076.0 3.0 718.5 12.0 20.0 
SLMG9-909010511593.5123.85 111.5 103.0 65.0 9079.0 3.0 718.5 14.0 20.0 






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      Graphite plate sealing ring: In people's impression, graphite is a brittle substance, lacking elasticity and toughness, but the specially treated graphite is soft in texture and good in elasticity. In this way, the heat resistance and chemical stability of graphite can be displayed in the gasket material; and the gasket has a small pressing force and the sealing effect is exceptionally excellent. This kind of graphite can also be made into a belt, which is matched with a metal belt to form a winding gasket with excellent performance. The appearance of graphite plate seals and graphite----metal wound gaskets is a major breakthrough in high temperature corrosion resistant seals. Such gaskets have been mass produced and used abroad.


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