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Factors Affecting The Sealing Effect Of Sealing Parts
- Feb 02, 2018 -

The selection of seal structure and oil film formation, pressure, temperature and material compatibility, the material, hardness, geometry and surface finish of the working surface of dynamic seal are also discussed.

First, the compatibility between sealing material and hydraulic oil (liquid): one of the sources of particle pollution of hydraulic oil is the "debris" or "debris" which is not suitable for sealing material and hydraulic oil. The seal is damaged or failed due to the "debris" produced by the "swelling" "damaged debris" or "extracted" inorganic materials and filled reinforcement materials, resulting in the deterioration of the hydraulic oil and the failure of the hydraulic oil.

Vane pump is widely used in the hydraulic system, the working pressure is greater than the 6.9MPa state, the wear problem has become increasingly prominent, so in the hydraulic oil used in antiwear agent; in order to adapt to the hydraulic system in high temperature near sources of heat and fire, the use of fire-resistant phosphate, water glycol hydraulic fluid, oil in water and water in oil emulsion etc.. And there are various kinds of hydraulic oil (liquid) used in different kinds of compound additives such as anti oxygen and rust prevention. For example, the non zinc type (ashless) anti-wear hydraulic oil compound agent is the S-P-N extreme pressure antiwear additive containing three kinds of elements, including hydrocarbon sulfides, phosphates, phosphite and so on. In the extremely pressure industrial gear oil, the P-S type is also the main pressure agent.

The reason for the "swelling" or "extraction" of seals is the various chemical elements and their concentrations contained in additives in hydraulic oil. According to the principle of "similar phase dissolution", different sealing materials have different effects, and they are also the medium resistance properties of sealing materials. For example: display the polarity of the P Shell Omala 320 and Shell Omala 460 gear oil gear oil (P) concentration is about 300ppm, so because of containing acrylonitrile butadiene rubber with polar groups, with excellent oil resistance, but not suitable for medium conditions of this type of oil.

With the continuous development of hydraulic oil (oil) varieties, the effects of various antiwear, extreme pressure additives, metal deactivators, demulsifiers and anti foam additives on the performance of seals should be verified by experiments.