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Maintenance Of Mechanical Seal Equipment
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Mechanical seal for work performance, the primary effect of Grundfos mechanical seals, mechanical seals to equipment, no details about the supply of mechanical seal for demand, will cause damage to seals, will bring a lot of damage to the equipment, so we must be in equipment of mechanical seals to pay attention to the following three points.

(1) the determination of equipment standard

Equipment should be used to import mechanical seal books or samples in accordance with the use of the product to ensure the mechanical seal of the equipment standard.

(2) into the shaft (sleeve), gland should be free of burrs, bearing in good condition; seal shaft sealing cavity gland Grundfos mechanical seal shall be clean. In order to reduce frictional resistance, the location of mechanical seal on shaft equipment should be coated with a thin layer of oil to smooth. Considering the miscibility of containerized mechanical seal of rubber O ring, if it is not suitable for oil, it can be covered with soapy water. The floating type static ring does not carry the structure of the anti turn pin. It is not suitable to apply oil and should be loaded into the cover.

(3) the first stationary ring and the gland seal production mounted on the shaft, be careful not to collide with the axis, then load ring components. Spring seat or the driving seat screws should be tightened evenly several times.

Before the fixed cover by pushing for ring axial contraction, release the compensation ring bounce card hysteresis phenomenon, then the gland bolts evenly locking.