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What's Called A Cartridge Seal ?
- Feb 02, 2018 -

Cartridge mechanical seal is the moving ring, static ring, spring, auxiliary seals, bushings, glands and other static seal washer seven major components together into a collection of mechanical seal imports, also known as container-type machines seal. Sometimes called card seal.

Cartridge mechanical seal has been assembled into a collection. Therefore Grundfos mechanical seal installed on the body more convenient, fast, reliable seal, welcomed by users at home and abroad, is the future development of mechanical seals in the future.

Cartridge mechanical seals are generally balanced mechanical seal, the structure of cartridge mechanical seal is characterized by the combination of all parts as a whole, the spring is not in contact with the material, balance, influx, positioning block can adjust the amount of spring compression. Taking into account when moving / static ring wear can be more easily compensated, the design ring with a moving ring.