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Long Float Ball With Lever

We can produce according to customers' drawings or samples. Our advantages are fast delivery, good quality, competitive price and strict testing. Our products have passed ISO9001, CQC, CNAS, SGS and other certifications to ensure the quality of our products. and service

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Long Float Ball With Lever


This product is produced according to customer's requirements and drawings. Our factory not only can be used as a regular model, but also for special models. As long as the customer has drawings, the number of special products must be 1000 ( Because I want to open the mold)



Our Factory:



● Suitable for measuring the liquid level and interface of liquid medium in the container. In addition to on-site instructions, it can also be equipped with remote transmitters, alarm switches and detection functions.

●Instructive new, intuitive reading, eye-catching, observing the direction of the indicator according to user needs

Change the angle.

●The measuring range is large and is not limited by the height of the storage tank.

● The indicating mechanism is completely isolated from the measured medium, with good sealing performance, high reliability and safe use.

●Simple structure, convenient installation, convenient maintenance, corrosion resistance, no power supply, explosion-proof. When the position is at the lower limit, the float floats on the water surface in an upright state, inside the float

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